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Wow! What a great issue of Sunshine Horizons just came out. So good in fact that I am plagiarizing
most of it for you. It covers Antioxidant equality, the need for supplementation, sugarless gum, parasites, vege-
tarian diet, FDA regulations, statin drugs and label accuracy. So here goes.
1) Antioxidants are not created equal. True. Yes there are many and they’re found in most foods, especially
fruits, vegetables and nuts, however, antioxidants differ in their capacity to neutralize free radicals and they target different parts of the body. For instance: blueberries are an excellent source of antioxidants and con-
tain vitamins C and E as well as anthocyanins which help with cardiovascular and brain health. But, they
haven’t been shown to do much for the prostate’s health. Lycopene on the other hand is found in tomatoes and is an excellent choice for the prostate. Two of NSP’s best choices are Thai-go drink and the new Super
ORAC. They’re also the best on the market today!
2) A well-balanced diet eliminates the need to supplement. False. In today’s world few of us have the time, mon-
ey, motivation or even the ability to eat a well-balanced, healthy diet that can sustain us without the need to sup- plement. 50 years ago, maybe you could but not today. Not only have the nutrients been depleted from the soils
but so many people eat our modern, highly processed junk food that we may feel full but we are really starving.
Best advice: eat right and supplement with the best, NSP.
3) All sugarless gums are good for you and your teeth. False. Saccharin, Aspartame (NutraSweet) and sucralose
(Splenda) are artificial sweeteners and have proven to cause problems for many consumers. NSP products fea- ture Xylitol, a naturally occurring 5 carbon molecule sugar that is not readily digested or absorbed by either the body or those pesky bacteria that cause tooth decay, thereby making it safe for diabetics as well as your teeth.
Xylitol also helps produce saliva which in turn is good for your teeth as it washes them and helps to neutralize
the acids that cause tooth decay.
4) Staying home in the U.S. means no parasite worries. False. Parasites are one of the biggest health related
problems in the US today. Statistics claim that up to 90% of us have them. The problem is that they are almost
always unrecognized as either the main threat (disease) or the cause of symptoms associated with a particular dis-
ease. We pick them up everywhere: raw or undercooked meats and fish, unwashed fruits and vegetables, by not washing our hands, not wearing shoes outside or not treating our pets for them, too. We can also pick them up
from most public areas that we touch if we don’t wash our hands, especially schools, health care facilities and
fitness centers. According to Dr. Hugo Rodier, ” We regularly deworm our dogs to keep them healthy. We ought to deworm ourselves once a year with a natural parasite cleanse.” Parasites are not only found in third
world countries. Create an unfriendly environment for them with NSP’s ParaCleanse and get healthy.
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5) If you really want to eat right, become a vegetarian. False. Vegetarians can be anything from a strict vegan to a “flexitarian” who eats some meats,
fish and poultry. While they may enjoy many health benefits, especially
those of a high-fiber, high antioxidant and low-fat diet, vigilant meal plan-
ning and supplementation are required to ensure they get adequate nutrients
that are only available through animal products. Some of these include pro-
tein, calcium, vitamin B12, iron and zinc which are readily available in animal
products but are in short supply for vegetarians who don’t eat eggs or dairy prod-
ucts, making supplementation essential. NSP offers several products that can help
ensure proper nutrition is available for those who don’t consume animal products: Syner-
Protein, SynerPro Calcium-Magnesium and Liquid B12 complete are just three.
6) 2 things: FDA regulation = safer dietary supplements and New FDA Regulations make all supplements
equal. True (mostly). Dietary supplements are regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Basically, the FDA says what and how you can manufacture and the FTC sets guidelines on advertising (what can be said about a product). The FDA has authority under the
Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and as amended by the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) to regulate the manufacture of all non-prescription drugs and dietary supplements. This in-
cludes the reporting of any adverse reactions from products and the ability to remove them from the market. However, companies can still add fillers and other ingredients to their products as long as they meet the min-
imal guidelines set by the FDA. These FDA guidelines establish minimums—NSP’s standards are much high-
er, that’s why we have the best products in the world!
In 2007, the FDA issued a ruling that established current good manufacturing practices (cGMP’s) for the dietary
industry. NSP welcomes these new regulations as it will make the industry more reputable. Mandatory compli-
ance has forced many larger companies out of business as they contracted with manufacturers who put cheap raw
materials into their products, without quality testing. Smaller companies have until 2010 to comply. NSP has
been using GMP’s for decades to ensure its product quality and as the leader in this industry considers the
cGMP’s of the FDA as basic standards and has exceeded those standards for decades. Currently NSP has almost
600 quality control tests at its disposal. (No wonder no other company can compare to NSP!)
7) High Cholesterol requires the use of Statin Drugs. False. According to the Mayo Clinics own website: ” Life-
style changes may have a greater impact on reducing risk of heart disease and stroke than does medication
alone.” Recent research has shown that while cholesterol can be an indicator of heart disease, high cholesterol doesn’t guarantee it. Remember that cholesterol is required by the body for the formation of many hormones and it also uses it for its “band-aid” effect on oxidative damage within the circulatory system. I’ve written about this in previous newsletters, more important than your total cholesterol is the ratio of HDL/LDL and your tri-
glyceride levels – as long as TC is below 270 for blood type “O” or 230 for all others.
8) If it’s on the label it must be true. False. While the FDA has guidelines to ensure purity and provide consum-
ers with information, we know that labels can be wrong and the only way to be sure is to test the product. Most consumers have no way of doing this so they must simply trust the manufacturer to provide true information—no wonder NSP products are the best in the industry. NSP has tested many competitors products against their own
and the results can be quite startling as many other companies products don’t even contain the active constitu- ents necessary for the product to work. You can always count on NSP to have the purest, most bioavailable and
active products in the world.
Hope you find this information useful. Until next time.Brad