Quality Assurance

Our legacy of quality is known throughout the nation and around the world. There’s no risk, no guessing if we used the right plant species or the correct plant parts. Nothing compares to NSP quality.


We test thoroughly to ensure quality at every step of the way.

NSP scientists visit our herb growers and vendors to examine their fields and check their harvesting and cleaning techniques. We test raw materials and product batches in our labs for purity and potency. We even keep samples on hand for future testing needs should they arise.

Unlike 85% of supplement brands sold in the US, we manufacture our own natural health supplements.
Our 260,000 square-foot, pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing facility features state-of-the-art bin mixers and packaging lines that can produce over 15 million capsules per day. That space includes our Quality Assurance labs and environmentally designed warehouse. NSP spent $21 million expanding and upgrading our facility in 2001.

We invest in technology and personnel to give you the best.
NSP is the first health supplement company to use a Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry/MS Triple Quad. It detects impurities down to parts per TRILLION…with a T. We also have four Ph.D.s on staff.

We offer over 500 quality products.
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In addition to great benefits, Nature’s Sunshine has over 500 quality products to choose from

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